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June 2nd is a two-fer. Lion Carol Barnett, our Zone Chair for the District, will give us an end of the year report on how we stacked up against the other clubs in our area. And then, Greg Goedecker, the City's Emergency Management Coordinator, will talk to us about staying safe, and what we can do to help in a hurricane. And a huge thank you to MerchantPro Express Texas for sponsoring our evening.

In partnership with Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, Children Like Loni, BNI West Houston, and community givers like yourself, on June 4th we're going to be extending our arms at the Weekley Community Center 8440 Greenhouse Rd in Cypress from 12 pm to 4 pm. Come out and give some blood. Walk-ups welcome.

Help us Roar in the 2022-2023 Board of Directors! We will be Facebook Live streaming our annual meeting and installation of new officers on June 16th starting at 6 pm. Come out and join IPDG Bonita Davis and PDG Mark Roth as they help us ring in the new year of leadership.

On July 7, join us to hear from Constance Jones, the Texas State's Elected Officer for the Black Caucus, as she walks us through programs that can help our community, including the new tablet program.

On August 4th, Chris Bowman from MerchantPro Express Texas will be with us to talk about how to keep your money safe online, when shopping, what to watch out for at the gas pumps, and more ways to avoid being scammed or taken for a ride.

On September 1st, hear from Susan Chiboroski with the Katy ISD Fine Arts, about fostering creativity in young people & how our peace poster competition helps promote critical thinking.

On October 6th, join us as we host lawyer Daniel Lee, who will share information about all of the laws passed in the most recent legislative sessions, and how they're going to affect our community.

About the Club

Fifty years ago, twenty-one leaders in our community got together to do a whole bunch of volunteering here in Katy. Boy have the times, and the roads, changed! What has not changed is that desire to improve, to serve, and to care for our friends, neighbors, and our area. The Katy Lions Club is a service organization. As part of the global association of Lions Clubs, we focus our efforts on the five pillars of Lionism: Diabetes, Environment, Hunger, Vision, and Childhood Cancer.

We stamp out Diabetes through education, awareness, and our partnerships with local medical providers. We protect our Environment through regular roadside cleanups and advocacy. We feed underprivileged and lower income individuals, and we work with our LEOs club on food drives annually.

We provide eyecare Vision, and through our dozens of used glasses pickups, we have collected tens of thousands of glasses over the last few years. Those glasses, along with the glasses from over fifty other clubs in the area go to a processing center which catalogues, professionally cleans, and then distributes them to communities and partners in need. We also provide eye exams through our partnership with the nurses of Katy ISD, again, at little cost to the families.

Our annual toy drive donated over 4,000 toys in 2020 alone! We collect toys every November and December and take them over to local Pediatric Cancer wings of hospitals we have partnered with, where they are distributed to young cancer patients and their families. All of this sounds amazing, right? So, here’s my question: you ready to learn more?

The Katy Lions Club has various locations where the community can drop off used glasses. Those wanting to serve in this project can help by checking and emptying the boxes, which are then taken to the distribution center monthly.

Candy sales are also a great way to collect donations for our club! We have various locations where your service may be used for two- to- four hours. This is done once or twice a month. All of this sounds amazing, right?

You can always learn more about who we are, what we’re doing, and where we’re going from our Facebook ( and this website ( We always recommend you do your own research to confirm what we already know: that serving with the Katy Lions Club is a richly rewarding experience. Reach out to any Lion with questions. Ask us!

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