Lions Field Day & Carnival

Friday, March 3

Saturday, March 4

Sunday, March 5

Event Committee

Grounds & Facilities: Al Green II
Al Green, one of the co-owners of Southland Bar and Grill, will be securing and providing the space for our barbeque cook-off and carnival. The ten-acre field adjacent to his bar will be donated for use.

Charity Coordination: Carol Barnett
Each Lions charity will be invited and asked to spend the day promoting their offerings and what they do to the Katy community. Carol Barnett, one of the 2-S2 Zone Chairs, will make sure to coordinate with each of the charities to line them up.

BBQ Cook-Off: Al Green, Chris Bowman, & Patricia Swift
On Friday, March 3, the barbeque competitors will get started smoking, rubbing, and slathering their meats on the smokers. Then on Saturday, March 4, the contestants will feed the masses including the judges who will score them. Daniel Lee, Esq. will be lining up judges in collaboration with community volunteer Patricia Swift and Lion Chris Bowman.

Safety & Permitting: Angela Goad & David Greene
Carnivals require an inspection from the fire marshal, and food serving will require clearance from the health department. Lining up the permits, security, and port-a-potties is the joint responsibility of Safety Officer Angela Goad and President David Greene.

Marketing & Sponsorships: David Greene & Sue Greene
Promotion of the event, including in news and social media, as well as print, is the responsibility of Communications Director David Greene. He and Treasurer Sue Greene will also work on securing sponsorships for the event.

Community Experience: Mattie Thigpen & Tammy Howell
Our event needs to be fun for all. Mattie Thigpen and Tammy Howell are responsible for ensuring that at each stage of the event's progress, the committee is asking and answering the questions of how the event will be for the community.

March 5th Featured Charities

District 2-S2 represented by First Vice District Governor Neil Lander

Texas Lions Camp

Lions Eye Bank of Texas

Texas Lions Foundation

Lions Clubs International Foundation

Lighthouse of Houston

World Services for the Blind

Leader Dogs for the Blind

Joseph House Community Outreach

Hope Impacts

Katy Heritage Society

Katy Christian Ministries

Katy Lions Basketball