Application for Glasses

2022-07-01 EyeAssist Grant Application No-Fill Form.pdf

While this program originated out of Katy ISD, we support children in any of the schools serving and educating the greater Katy area, including in Waller and Fort Bend. So long as the young person is a student in Katy ISD or one of the other school districts, they may qualify, even if they are aged 18 or 19.

The reason that the referral needs to originate with the school system is that the schools are best equipped to evaluate whether the applicant's family qualifies for financial assistance.

School Nurses:

When submitting the application, ensure that you have included the student's screening or eye exam results from the school-based evaluation. If you are with Katy ISD, the form is Catalog No. 1538.

Homeschool Parents:

If you are homeschooling your child and have a financial need, please contact the school that your child would attend to have them conduct the annual evaluation, and provide a copy of the evaluation form that they provide.