Club Leaders

for the 2021-2022 year

Carol J. Barnett

  • President 2021-2022

  • Club Director 2021-2023

  • Vision GAT Chair 2018-2022

  • Peds. Cancer GAT Chair 2021-2022

  • Scholarships Chair 2019-2022

  • Club Admin 2021-2022

  • Safety Officer 2021-2022

  • Board Member

Rev. David Greene

  • Club Vice President 2020-2022

  • Director of Communications

  • Club Secretary 2020-2022

  • Programming Director 2021-2022

  • Lion Tamer 2021-2022

  • Leos Advisor III

  • Board Member

Lydia Osuna

  • Club Vice President 2021-2023

  • Membership Chair 2021-2023

  • Service Chair 2021-2022

  • Board Member

Sue Ellen Greene

  • Treasurer 2021-2022

  • Club Director 2020-2022

  • LCIF Coordinator 2021-2022

  • Environment GAT Chair 2021-2022

  • Board Member

Committee Chairs

Mattie Thigpen

  • Hunger GAT Chair 2021-2022

  • Diabetes GAT Chair 2021-2022

Nancy Chesbro

  • Leos Advisor I 2018-2022

  • Parliamentarian 2021-2022

  • Past Club President (2017-2018)

Barbara LeBoff

  • Peace Poster Chair 2021-2022

  • Past Club President (2018-2019)

Lezine Moundaya

  • Tail Twister 2021-2022

Job Descriptions

50th Anniversary Gala Chair

The 50th Anniversary Gala Chair is responsible for booking, scheduling, and all other aspects of the anniversary celebration in and leading up to December 2022. This person was chosen and appointed by the Board during the 2020-2021 Lions Year.

Communications Deputy

The Communications Deputy serves as a functioning backup and resource, and ensures that there is always more than one person who is able to operate our Marketing and PR activities.

Diabetes GAT Chairperson

The Diabetes Chairperson works with the corresponding District GAT Chairperson to bring Diabetes-related service projects and activities to fruition within our club.


Each Club Director serves an overlapping 2-year position, and provides additional leadership and oversight on the Board.

Environment GAT Chairperson

The Environment Chairperson works with the corresponding District GAT Chairperson to bring Environment-related service projects and activities, including Gardens and Roadside Cleanups, to fruition within our club.

Hunger GAT Chairperson

The Hunger Chairperson works with the corresponding District GAT Chairperson to bring Hunger-related service projects and activities, including Food Drives, to fruition within our club.

LCIF Coordinator

The LCIF Coordinator collaborates with LCIF and their District counterpart to source and implement grants, as well as share the great work of LCIF.

Leos Club Advisors

The Leos Club Advisor serves as the liaison and mentor to the Katy Leos Club. The 1st Advisor is the primary advisor to the Leos, and the 2nd Advisor provides additional support and is aware of the goings-on of the Leos club.

Lion Tamer

The Lion Tamer is responsible for the banners, stands, and physical "stuff" that the club uses in the course of our meetings and activities.

Membership Chair

The Membership Chairperson works with the club's officers and their District-level counterpart to develop and execute membership initiatives designed to maintain and increase our club.


The Chairperson of the Constitution and By-Laws Committee, they help the Board and members interpret the Constitution and adhere to its rules and procedures.

Peace Poster Coordinator

The Peace Poster Chairperson helps to ensure that our club receives maximum exposure within our community, and that we continue to submit entries at the District level, with the annual Peace Poster Competition.

Pediatric Cancer GAT Chairperson

The Pediatric Cancer Chairperson works with the corresponding District GAT Chairperson to bring Pediatric Cancer-related service projects and activities, including our annual Toy Drive, to fruition within our club.

Program Coordinator

Automatically the First Vice President, the Program Coordinator helps enrich our Lions by scheduling speakers to address our club about relevant and worthy topics.

Safety Officer

Our Safety Officer is responsible for making sure that all locations and spaces that our club uses is free of hazards, and that we can safely serve the community and our Lions.

Scholarships Chairperson

The Scholarships Chair ensures that all Katy ISD and private high schools in Katy receive information about our annual scholarships, and ensure that any high school senior who applies for the scholarship is considered fairly by the Scholarship Committee.

Club Service Chairperson

The Service Chairperson helps develop service projects and activities, and assist in setting them up for the activity's leaders.

Tail Twister

The Tail Twister provides comedic relief and promotes joyous harmony within our club and especially at all regular meetings of the club. She conducts good-natured stunts and challenges to members, with the goal of fostering community and the spirit of Lionism.

Vision GAT Chair

The Vision Chairperson works with the corresponding GAT Chairperson to bring Vision-related service projects and activities, such as vision screening and eye-glass pickups, to fruition within our club.