November 3, 2022 Community Night


  • 5:45 PM Setup

  • 6:00 PM Board meeting

  • 6:15 PM Fellowship, Meet & Greet, Streaming Enabled

  • 6:25 PM President David Greene gavels our meeting to order

      • David introduces the board, advisors, coordinators, and leaders.

      • David shares the purpose of our club and association

      • Introduction, recognition, and induction of any new members

      • Introduction of Guest Speakers

  • 6:30 PM Daniel Lee speaks, including Questions & Answers

  • 7:00 PM Thompson High School Agricultural Team Presentation

  • 7:15 PM PlusOptics Vision Q&A and Club Voting on Purchase

  • 7:25 PM Call to Action on upcoming events

  • 7:30 PM Meeting Adjourns

Our next Community Night is January 5th where we host Vicki Cheairs on Reverse Mortgages, and more! Our next club meeting is December 1st, which will be a closed meeting for our members and their guests only.

Tonight's meeting at FCC Katy is sponsored by Starting Strength Katy. Stronger is Better, so visit them today.

Board Members

    • President - Rev. David Greene

    • First Vice President - Lydia Osuna

    • Second Vice President - Tawana Goodwin

    • Secretary - Mattie Thigpen

    • Treasurer - Sue Greene

    • Safety Officer - Angela Goad

Advisors, Coordinators, & Team Leaders

  • 50th Anniversary BBQ Cook-Off - Chris Bowman

  • Childhood Cancer Awareness - Daniel Lee, Esq.

  • Diabetes Awareness - JD Shipley

  • Hispanic Outreach - Estela Yanes

  • Health Fair - Rep. Constance Jones

  • Hunger - Khiva Caldwell

  • Leo Advisor - Caswell Jones

  • New Communities - Alexandra Lowe

  • Past Club President - Carol Barnett

  • Assistant Secretary - Tammy Howell

  • Vision - Latricia Garmond

With such an important and big topic, we expanded it into a two-part series. Join us November 3 for the follow-up as the Katy Lions host lawyer Daniel Lee, who will share more information about changes to the laws as a result of recent legislative sessions, as well as clarify some misunderstandings about what laws -didn't- go through. Thanks to Starting Strength Katy for sponsoring the venue.